8 reasons why you can’t miss GlobalCon4

By Mark Jones

November 19, 2020

At the time of writing this, we’ve had well over 7500 registrations for GlobalCon4 (our virtual summit dedicated to Microsoft 365).

At Collab365, we’ve been running virtual summits for years and have helped train over 120,000 people from all around the world.

Because we’ve been doing them for so long, we’ve learned a lot about what makes them successful (and also what makes then suck!).

(Hint: It’s not just about the content and presenters!).

Here’s why you need to grab a free ticket to GlobalCon4 (Dec 1-4).

1. You can’t keep up … so let us help: Right now, Microsoft are unstoppable! Almost daily, we receive a flurry of new updates, features and strategies across our most favourite technologies like Teams, Power Platform, SharePoint and everything else stacked into Microsoft 365! It’s got so HARD TO KEEP UP that we run 4 Global Conferences a year to bring you what’s hot, and what’s actually working right now.

2. Learn newer technologies and strategies: At GlobalCon4, we’ve invited industry experts to deliver sessions that enable us to explore and understand topics beyond our normal day-to-day. These are technologies that we should know today because, we may well need them tomorrow. You can expect sessions on CDS, AI, Syntex, Cortex, Dataverse, Dynamics for retail and Virtual Agents 

3. Our agenda has only one track: Now that statement might sound a bit weird, but we strongly believe that having more than 1 track is a bad idea for a virtual conference. We prefer to push our events out over multiple days but have everyone watching the same session. It’s one of our 8 things to avoid when running a virtual summit.

4. Microsoft will be joining us: We’ve some wonderful Microsoft speakers who are going to be sharing their knowledge on Microsoft Lists, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Teams. The good thing about having Microsoft speak is that you’re getting to learn straight from the horse’s mouth.

5. Beginner sessions: We know that although you probably excel in one technology, it’s likely you are just beginning with others. Instead of adding “beginner 101” sessions to the agenda, we’ve pre-recorded them and will send them after you register (for free). We’ve in-depth beginner tutorials on Teams, Power Apps, Power Platform, Power BI, SharePoint, OneNote and MS Project.

6. It’s free: Yes GlobalCon4 is 100% free to watch while it’s running. However, in all honesty, I hate that we don’t charge $49 for attendance. I say this because I believe when you offer an event for “Free”, it gives you the impression that it’s lacking in value and “missable”. GlobalCon4 is easily worth a couple of hundred dollars but we don’t charge because there’s a trend in the Microsoft community to run free events. I discuss this in detail here: 8 things to avoid with your next virtual summit.

Anyway, if you do register, imagine you paid $199 to come and show up! We really want you to be there. There’s a lot of awesome content coming your way from our amazing Speakers!

Remember: if you miss GlobalCon4 then you won’t be able to watch the sessions without an All-Access Pass.

7. We don’t use Webinar software to run our Summits: I use Teams daily, and I absolutely love it. It’s actually revolutionized the way we work as a team. We also use GotoMeeting for support calls and Zoom for family calls.

However, we don’t use these platforms for our virtual conferences. Instead, we’ve built our own platform to make it easier :

  • to show you high-quality ‘hybrid-live’ sessions.
  • for you to access the conference.
  • for you to move from one session to the next.
  • for you to “chat” with the Speakers and attendees, even when we have 1000s in the room.
  • for you to watch the session if you’re late (many are).
  • for us to go to a back-up plan if it goes wrong!

We have actually defined a unique way of presenting the sessions which I go over in ‘Live-Stream vs Pre-Recorded: Which is best for your Virtual Summit?‘. I believe this allows us to produce a very high-quality conference that both Speakers and Attendees love.

8. We’ve learned tough lessons: Unbelievably, we’ve now delivered 22 virtual conferences to 123,000 people. I don’t say this to brag, but I say this make the point that we now know what makes them work well. For example, we know that we need 3 back-up plans in case of failure. We also know that “going live” generally results in unhappy attendees. We know that moving around the conference is one of the most important pieces. We know that around 35% of people show up late and want to rewatch. 

These are covered in greater detail here: 8 things to avoid with your next virtual summit.

Want to come to GlobalCon4?

If you come this far you will now be scanning the agenda and thinking about which sessions will help you improve as a Microsoft 365 Power User.

You’ve decided that you do find it hard to keep up and giving yourself some “me time” will really help you in your career.

BONUSES: If you register today, we will send all of these to help you get prepared for the big event:

🎁 Microsoft Teams Tips Ebook (70 pages)
🎁 Power Apps Beginners Ebook (65 pages)
🎁 Power Automate Beginners Ebook (98 pages)
🎁 7x Beginner Session Recordings for (** AMAZING **)
🎁 Teams Training Centre Tab (Installs straight into Teams).

Get your free GlobalCon4 ticket and get the bonuses here:


  1. Register for GlobalCon4, and/or
  2. Purchase an All-Access Pass, and/or
  3. Get our Ultimate Bundle Pass

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  • I like the conference because the attendees and the speakers are up-beat and helpful. There are no dumb questions. I enjoy the break from the horrible news about Covid. I love to learn new things and the conferences are a delightful firehouse of new features, and new ways to work smarter. And they are fun. People attend from all over the world and share a bit of what life is like for them. The things we have in common are greater than our differences. All of these things Mark would not say when he is so tightly focused on removing bugs in the delivery. As we approach Thanksgiving, Mark and Mark’s team (including Fraser’s dog) are on my list of things for which I am grateful. So consider signing up and enjoying the events.

  • Registered & bought the All Access Pass, this will be my third GlobalCon, the value you guys deliver is absolutely priceless … sharing on my LinkedIn profile & internally AGAIN, to see if we can get those numbers up and relieve some of your WHYstack stresses 😀

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