Stop using Facebook for your community, and start using Circle!

By Mark Jones

December 31, 2022

While many organizations and businesses have turned to Facebook as a way to build and engage with their communities, there are several reasons why using a dedicated community platform like Circle is a better choice.

At Collab365, we've been using Circle for our own Collab365 Academy. We now have over 4500 members and it's so much better than Facebook.

  1. Greater control over the user experience: When you use a dedicated community platform like Circle, you have more control over the design and functionality of your community. This can help you create a more seamless and user-friendly experience for your members. In contrast, on Facebook, you have limited control over the layout and design of your group or page, and you have to conform to the platform's rules and guidelines.
  2. Better moderation tools: Community platforms like Circle often have robust moderation tools that allow you to easily manage and moderate your community. This includes features like flagging and reporting inappropriate content, banning users, and setting rules and guidelines. These tools can be especially helpful if you are running a large or high-profile community and need to ensure that the conversation stays on track. In contrast, Facebook's moderation tools can be more limited, and it can be harder to effectively manage and moderate a large group or page.
  3. Improved user privacy: When you use a dedicated community platform, you have more control over how you collect and use user data. This can be especially important if you are running a community for a sensitive topic or if you want to ensure that your members' privacy is protected. In contrast, Facebook has been criticized for its handling of user data, and users may be more hesitant to share personal information on the platform.
  4. More focused community: When you use a dedicated community platform, your community is centered around a specific topic or purpose, which can help create a more focused and engaged community. In contrast, on Facebook, it can be harder to create a focused community, as users are exposed to a wide range of topics and content.
  5. Greater flexibility: Community platforms like Circle often offer a range of customization options and integrations that allow you to tailor your community to your specific needs and goals. This can be especially helpful if you want to create a unique and branded community experience for your members. In contrast, on Facebook, you are more limited in terms of customization options.
  6. No ads: Facebook can only exist by showing you LOTS of Ads. It needs to keep people on the platform for as long as possible to keep showing you those ads. The downside of this is that your group content probably won't be show to your members because Facebooks's algorithm will always prioritises content that keeps people on platform or generates ad revenue for them.
  7. At some point Facebook will die: At some point, Facebook will become way less popular and it's already happening. Look at how Tiktok has eaten away at it. If you'd but all of your eggs in the facebook basket then one day, you might be wondering where all your members have gone. It's far better to put the effort in now and build a community on something you have 100% full control over.

In conclusion, while Facebook can be a useful tool for building and engaging with a community, using a dedicated community platform like Circle may offer several advantages. These include greater control over the user experience, more robust moderation tools, improved user privacy, a more focused community, and greater flexibility. If you are considering building a community for your organization or business, it may be worth exploring the benefits of using a dedicated community platform like Circle.

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