No way! AI can now make Videos and Music (examples inside)πŸ‘‡πŸ»

By Mark Jones

February 24, 2024

Hey there, Mark here, your guide to the bustling world of Microsoft 365 and the entrepreneurial journey. Today, we dive into the heart of innovation, collaboration, and a touch of AI magic (videos and music) that's shaping our world and the way we do business. Buckle up for a ride through strategy, technology, and insights from the Collab365 Academy team.

Cloudflare Worker Jobs: Our Secret Weapon

Recently, we encountered a classic digital dilemma at Collab365 Academy: our e-commerce site insisted on showcasing less-than-ideal product pages that we couldn't edit.

The solution?

Cloudflare Workers. By all of our routing all of our Collab365 Academy traffic through Cloudflare, we've managed to rewrite every occurence of the e-commerce URL's to our better-designed URL's without slowing down our site or tampering with the vendors application code.

Cloudflare Workers offer a serverless execution environment, allowing you to "augment" applications globally without the hassle of managing infrastructure. This innovative approach has boosted our site's performance (a lot) but also enhances its security and reliability.

Imagine the possibilities: personalized content delivery, A/B testing, or even creating entirely new user experiences without altering your original site infrastructure.

If you're a dev or a sys admin I strongly advse you to take a look at Cloudflare Workers!

Streamlining GitHub for Power Apps: A Deep Dive

Connor Deasey, our course creation and social media wizard, recently penned an insightful blog titled "7 Ways To Streamline Your GitHub Process For Power Apps Collaboration." This piece is a goldmine for anyone looking to enhance their GitHub workflow for Power Apps projects. From establishing a consistent naming convention to leveraging GitHub Actions for automating tasks, Connor's advice is practical and actionable. His insights could significantly improve your team's efficiency and project quality.

AI's Creative Promise and Peril

If you missed it, Open AI announced what looks like a rediculously good video generator from a text prompt. (Oh-O).

The advent of AI models like OpenAI's Sora, capable of generating realistic scenes from text, is nothing short of breathtaking. This technology heralds a new era where creating personalized movies or music from a simple prompt becomes a reality. However, as I mused on Twitter, this innovation comes with its own set of challenges, particularly for creative industries. While we marvel at AI's capabilities, it's crucial to ponder the broader implications for jobs, creativity, and cultural richness.

The quality of the AI videos is INSANE! πŸ‘‡πŸ»

If you want to see where I think this is all going read my section on "Thought of the Day" below.

And... Now you make frickin MUSIC with AI Too...

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I explored Suno.AI, a service that crafts (AWESOME) music from text prompts. The result? A unique song for my wife, Helen, that touched her heart, lol. This personal experiment underscores the potential of AI to create deeply personal and emotional experiences. Yet, it also opens up discussions about the future of artistry and music production.

The Power of Testimonials

In our quest to build trust and credibility, we've recently gathered testimonials from our Microsoft 365 unleashed workshop attendees. Why? Because in an era where skepticism runs rampant, social proof is king. Testimonials not only validate our offerings but also humanize our brand, showing potential customers that real people have achieved real results with our academy. Here are 10 reasons why testimonials are indispensable for your webpage:

  1. Build Trust: They offer unbiased validation of your products or services.
  2. Social Proof: Testimonials follow the psychological principle that people will conform to the actions of others under the assumption that those actions are reflective of the correct behavior.
  3. Authenticity: They add a layer of authenticity to your brand, showing that you deliver on your promises.
  4. Decision-Making: Help potential customers in their decision-making process by providing relatable success stories.
  5. SEO Benefits: Customer reviews can improve your website's SEO, bringing more organic traffic.
  6. Emotional Connection: They can create an emotional appeal, connecting potential customers with the experiences of others.
  7. Credibility: Enhance your credibility by showcasing the satisfaction of past clients.
  8. Conversion Rates: Positive reviews can significantly increase conversion rates.
  9. Feedback Loop: They provide valuable feedback for continuous improvement.
  10. Community Building: Testimonials can foster a sense of community and belonging among your users.

Thought of the Day: Is AI good for humanity?

Picture the scene: You're snuggled on the couch, family in tow, about to dive headfirst into a cinematic concoction only dreamt up in the wildest of imaginations.

In the not-too-distant future, OpenAI will whip out "Sora," a video generator so groundbreaking, it's bound to have traditional filmmakers spitting out their tea in disbelief.

The first version will be ...

"That's cool!"

The five-year-from-now version will be ...


With a casual flick and a tap on the "FutureAIflix" app, you demand...

"Whip us up a blend of Top Gun, Rocky, and Forrest Gump, starring AI John in the lead, and make it snappy. We've got 90 minutes to kill and three discerning critics to impress: Barbara, John, and Ellie."

Before you can say "popcorn's ready," your living room morphs into a private cinema, airing a film so bespoke, it's like the AI peered into your soulβ€”or at least skimmed your social media profiles and previous viewing history.

An AR gizmo, perched atop your AR telly like a nosy pigeon, scans the room, tweaking the film's plot on the fly to keep your family's grins wide and complaints nil. Seems like a bit of alright, doesn't it? But as we toddle closer to making this pipedream a reality, a slight hiccup emerges for the creative lot.

With AI set to upend everything from films to music (saw a demo of similar today), it's probably curtains for anyone working in those industries. New jobs on the horizon? I wouldn't bet my last Jaffa Cake on it. So, what's the rub for humanity? On the surface, it's a smorgasbord of innovation and convenience.

Let's face it this AI stuff is very COOL!

But at what price?

Is it possible to slam the brakes on this relentless march of progress when the siren call of profits and cost savings are blaring?

Hope so, but doubt it.

IMHO, This whole AI Trend is akin to chucking the forest into the fireplace for a bit of warmth: we're gaily toasting our marshmallows over the tech blaze, all the while ignoring the fact that we're torching the very wood that oxygenates our planet into the flames. It's as if we're cheering on the very innovations that could lead to our cultural and creative downfall (inc jobs and livelihoods).

As we marvel at the awesomeness of AI, let's not forget to peer beyond the smoke. Here's to hoping we can enjoy the fire without burning down the entire forest, eh?

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