Live or Pre-Recorded? The Ultimate Summit Showdown

By Mark Jones

February 26, 2024

Hey, Mark here, navigating the ever-evolving landscape of Microsoft 365 and the dynamic world of virtual events. As we gear up for “Intranet Insights 2024,” a burning question has sparked much debate among our team: In the realm of virtual conferences, should we go live, or is streaming pre-recorded content the way forward?

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This quandary isn’t just academic; it’s at the heart of delivering an engaging, informative, and seamless experience for our attendees. Let’s dive into the pros and cons of each approach, including a nod to streaming solutions like OneStream with RTMP into Microsoft Teams, and uncover the best path for our upcoming event.

Why the Debate Matters

“Intranet Insights 2024” is not just another event; it’s a beacon for professionals seeking to leverage Microsoft 365 for their intranet strategies. With the aim to educate, inspire, and connect, the format of our sessions becomes crucial. Do we embrace the immediacy and interaction of live sessions, or do we prioritize the polished, refined delivery of pre-recorded content? Here’s a closer look at both sides of the coin.

Live Sessions: The Pulse of Real-Time Engagement

Live sessions are synonymous with real-time interaction. They’re the digital equivalent of a live workshop, where spontaneity and audience engagement drive the conversation. Through platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, presenters can directly engage with their audience, fielding questions and adapting on the fly.


  • Immediate interaction, fostering a dynamic learning environment.
  • Real-time feedback and Q&A sessions.
  • The unique buzz of live presentations.


  • Prone to technical glitches and connectivity issues.
  • Requires robust internet and backup plans.
  • Demands more resources for live production support.

Pre-Recorded Sessions: Precision and Polish

Pre-recorded sessions offer a meticulously crafted experience. Recorded in advance, these sessions can be edited for clarity, precision, and added value, ensuring attendees receive the highest quality content. Streaming these through OneStream into Microsoft Teams ensures broad reach and seamless delivery.


  • High-quality, controlled presentation environment.
  • Flexibility in production, allowing for edits and enhancements.
  • Reduced technical risks during the event.


  • Lacks the immediacy and direct engagement of live sessions.
  • Potential disconnect between presenters and attendees.

Streaming Pre-Recorded Content with OneStream

For “Intranet Insights 2024,” using OneStream to stream pre-recorded sessions into Microsoft Teams offers a compelling solution. This approach combines the quality and reliability of pre-recorded content with the extensive reach and familiarity of Microsoft Teams.


  • Maintains content quality and consistency.
  • Leverages Microsoft Teams for easy access and participation.
  • Simplifies the technical demands of live streaming.


  • May feel less interactive than a fully live session.
  • Relies on the stability and compatibility of external platforms.

Choosing the Path for “Intranet Insights 2024”

As we stand at this crossroads, it’s clear that both live and pre-recorded sessions offer unique benefits. Our decision will hinge on our commitment to delivering an exceptional attendee experience, balancing the need for interaction with the demand for quality and reliability.

What are we doing? We’re intending to blend the best of both worlds. We’ll use pre-recorded sessions for the bulk of our content, ensuring polished, high-quality presentations. To inject the live element, we’ll host interactive Q&A sessions, leveraging live streaming capabilities for that personal touch.

Jon Manderville is going to be looking into OneStream to Microsoft Teams this week so expect a newsletter in the near future!

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