How to Build a Microsoft Teams LMS using WordPress and Thrive

By Mark Jones

February 24, 2024

Good day, LinkedIn folks! It's Mark Jones here, from the heart of Collab365 Academy, your go-to place for mastering the Power Platform, SharePoint, and Teams.

Today's update is a special sneak peek into our daily grind, full of tips, insider news, and a dash of our behind-the-scenes magic. Let's dive in, shall we?

Unpacking the LMS Puzzle with WordPress

We've nearly finished a blog series that's teaches you about creating a Learning Management System (LMS) that works hand in glove with Microsoft Teams (via SSO and a Teams App).

Why WordPress, though?

It's like that reliable old car that never lets you down - affordable and surprisingly powerful if you know how to tune it right. With Thrive Apprentice, we're showing you how to build a sleek LMS, while Thrive Automate is our secret sauce for syncing all that juicy student progress with SharePoint and Power BI.

I've gotta say, I can't wait to get this series (and a video) out as I think your eyes will pop with how cheap it is to roll out.

Tip: Don't shy away from WordPress because of its complexities; embrace it for its versatility and it could just it be your next LMS powerhouse (for a tiny budget).

The Golden Ticket - Platinum Plan Reopened

Guess what? Our Collab365 Academy Platinum Plan is back in town, and it's your all-access pass to everything we offer. And when I say everything, I mean everything. This is your chance to lock in a lifetime of learning at a one-time cost. We only swing these doors open once every three months, so hop on board!

SEO and UX - The Dynamic Duo

In the trenches for the past two months, we've been on a mission to rebuild our Academy information pages. Why, you ask? Because a journey through our site should be as smooth as silk, and finding the right course should be a breeze.

Tip: Never underestimate the power of solid SEO and user experience. They're the silent heroes behind a successful digital presence. I know AI is starting to take away from SEO, but i think it's going to be a few years before we see it die off.

As with out YouTube Channel (see below) we've neglected SEO, but that's got to change. Our theme since early December has been to be refactor and put our house in order, so the website, SEO and YouTube are a big part of that.

AI Meets Workshop Wisdom

Here's something cool we do - post-workshop, we feed the transcript to AI to spice up our sales pages. This way, we ensure the essence of what's taught is captured perfectly. Yesterday's workshop, led by Jon Manderville and presented by Jennifer Buchholz on becoming a Microsoft 365 Power User, was a big hit. It's all about unlocking the hidden potential of Microsoft 365, and attendees walked away buzzing with new insights.

BTW we just received this feedback. Go Jennifer!

This was an exceptional broad topic class and every MS365 user should sit in on it.

Affiliate Scheme Makeover by Fraser

Fraser Beadle's been tinkering away, revamping our affiliate scheme to make it a lean, mean, message-spreading machine. It's our way of reaching out without the hefty ad spend. Let's face it, we'd much rather pay you than the Zuck!

Tip: If you're trying to sell a product or service, consider affiliate marketing as a powerful ally in your arsenal, especially when looking to maximize outreach without breaking the bank.

If you're someone looking to earn a little extra then we offer 35% on anything you help sell. Take a look at our Affiliate Scheme.

Adventures in Advertising

We've launched a couple of ad campaigns lately - one for our Vacation Booking App Challenge (It's cost $18 to get someone on it, so far). and another for our Daily Digest signup ($1.25 a lead).

The early returns?

Facebook's new "Advantage+ Audiences" are showing promise, but patience is key as they learn and adapt.

Tip: Stay agile with your ad strategies; what works today might need tweaking tomorrow. Also our golden rule: give the algorithms time to learn and don't go turning off ads too early. (I've done that more than you will ever know).

Connor's YouTube Chronicles

Connor Deasey's been the wizard behind improving our YouTube Channel (a lot), curating playlists, designing thumbnails, and planning a storm of content.

We're told, a well-organized YouTube channel can be a game changer for engagement and content delivery. Just like everything what you "focus on grows", so we're determined to put some good time and effort into building it out.

Have a look at the Collab365 YouTube Channel and let us know what you think!

Closing Thoughts

At Collab365 Academy, we're more than just a platform; we're a community committed to empowering you with the knowledge and skills to thrive in the digital workspace. Whether it's through our courses, workshops, or the insights we share, our goal is to be your beacon of learning in the tech world.

So, here's to learning, growing, and exploring together. Stay curious, and never stop pushing the boundaries of what you can achieve with technology.

Warm regards, Mark J (Your friendly neighborhood tech enthusiast from Collab365)

P.S. If you've ever wondered about the gears that turn behind the scenes here at Collab365, now you know. And if there's ever a topic you're curious about or need help with, you know where to find us. Let's make learning an adventure together!

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