How I am using ChatGPT to create WordPress Plugins, FAST!

By Mark Jones

February 24, 2024

Hello, fellow upskillers and entrepreneurial spirits! It’s Mark Jones here, your guide through the ever-evolving landscape of Microsoft 365 and the trenches of running a business in today’s digital age. At Collab365 Academy, we're on a mission to not just educate but also share the real behind-the-scenes of what makes our academy tick. Today, I'm excited to share some insights, updates, and a personal story that I hope will inspire you as much as it has us.

The Magic Behind Our New PHP Plugin

First off, I want to dive into something quite technical yet incredibly impactful for our academy – the development of a new PHP Plugin for our website. This nifty piece of technology automatically adjusts pricing and subscription offerings based on who's logged in, streamlining our process and ensuring price consistency.

an example of our pricing box plugin for a platinum member

an example of our pricing box plugin for a platinum member

This is an example of the plugin (right hand side) that shows what a person will see if they dont have a Collab365 Academy account. It means we can have 1 page and 1 set of logic for all scenarios.

an example of our pricing box plugin for a person who isn't logged in to the academy

an example of our pricing box plugin for a person who isn't logged in to the academy

To take it further, I also built in support for "Ad mode", meaning that if we pass a query string value such as then we hide various elements such as the breadcrumbs, menus and other pricing options, if a person has come in from an advert.

an example of a workshop page without distractions.

an example of a workshop page without distractions.

But why does this matter? Well, it’s all about conversion optimization. Imagine spending $1 per click on an ad, attracting 100 people. If my maths is correct that'd be $100 😀 Now saw we can convert 20 people (at a 20% conversion), that's $140 in. Now imagine if we converted 10 people (at a 10% conversion), that's only $70. Meaning we've lost $30.

Without a finely tuned landing page, distractions can lead to a drop in conversion rates, and suddenly, your investment isn't justifying the return. By minimizing distractions and focusing on user experience, we're not just improving our site; we're showcasing a fundamental business strategy that you can apply too.

This also applies to online forms, every added field or click can detract from your conversion rate, sometimes by as much as 5%! It’s a reminder of the golden rule in digital marketing: simplicity leads to conversion.

How ChatGPT Save me weeks of development for my plugin!

On the subject of our PHP Plugin, let me share a pro tip that’s been a game-changer for us. The advent of ChatGPT has dramatically simplified the creation of WordPress plugins (including the one above).

an example of how i work with chatgpt to improve my php plugin code..

an example of how i work with chatgpt to improve my php plugin code..

Keeping the code consolidated has made the process not just manageable but incredibly efficient. By leveraging generative AI for coding, performance checks, and even documentation, we saved weeks of work. This isn’t just about the time saved; it’s about the doors that open when we apply technology creatively. Imagine applying this to your own projects – the possibilities are endless.

In many cases, "pre-AI" you just wouldn't attempt to write your own code, but now, it's a whole different ball game!

Selling High Ticket Items with Webinars

Transitioning to sales strategies, we've been exploring how to sell higher-ticket "done-for-you" or "done-with-you" consulting more effectively. Connor dove into a training session on delivering impactful webinars in 2024, and the insights gained are too valuable not to share.

Apparently, the traditional hour-long webinar with cold leads just doesn't cut it anymore. The key lies in simplicity – one traffic source, one funnel, one offer – and understanding that your webinar's price reflects the urgency of the solution it provides. By keeping webinars to 45 minutes, focusing on the problem at hand, and engaging rather than selling, we’re learning to build trust and filter in only those truly interested.

The ultimate goal? To help more people that need help and to improve our conversion without bleeding cash on vary expensive ads. This approach has profound implications for any business model, suggesting that engagement and precision targeting outweigh volume and broad strokes.

Here are Connor's takeaways from the Webinar training:

  • Keep your traffic, funnel and offer simple. Focus on the 1 x 1 x 1 rule with one traffic source, one funnel and one offer to avoid confusion
  • Raise the price of your high ticket offer, to counter the increase in ad costs. How much someone is willing to pay is in direct alignment with how urgent their needs is for a solution.
  • A well designed value-based webinar should deter people who are not interested or are not willing to put in the effort to get the results they need.
  • Statistics show that 10% of webinar attendees will take you up on a call, and 1 in 3 will purchase your high ticket price. (Not sure I agree with that, but time will tell).
  • Keep your webinar to 45 minutes, focusing on short value sections that get to the roots of the problem without teaching everything to solve the problem.
  • Avoid trying to sell too much in your webinar. Grow trust with your viewers and introduce the high ticket offer without "selling".
  • Track the success of your webinar. Bad analytics stop you from improving and making fast decisions.
  • Consider Live webinars for existing audiences, and automate for cold audiences. This helps you scale quicker and allow you to build a relationship with the right people.
  • Use the 20 / 80 rule when taking your sales calls. 20% talking and 80% listening. You'll be able to better serve the needs of your clients.
  • When finding your audience, do research into your clients intent and look at the problems they want to solve.

All good points, but I think we will probably end up with a mixture of those ideas with the ones we know work for low cost offers.

Why train Connor on how to create Webinars?

If you've been following along with us, you will know that Connor spends a huge amount of time training others on the Power Platform, but also time on our social media. Creating Webinars isn't normal his wheelhouse. BUT! As we're a small team of 4, I think it's imperative we all have a good working knowledge of what keeps the lights on at Collab365, from marketing, sales to support and finances. That way if one of puts the red warning light on, we're all sympathetic.

Upcoming SharePoint Intranet Training Program

Looking ahead, we're thrilled to announce a partnership with a SharePoint Intranets expert to launch a comprehensive training program. This six-week journey will demystify Intranets, covering everything from governance to adoption. With so many companies struggling to navigate their Intranet strategies, especially with the omnipresence of Microsoft Teams, this program is poised to deliver hands-on, practical training that’s been missing in the market.

Intranet Insights 2024: A Sneak Peek

Speaking of SharePoint, we're also gearing up for the "Intranet Insights 2024" online conference. This event will unveil the art of the possible with M365 Intranets, showcasing strategies for maximizing engagement, productivity, and the overall employee experience. From advanced SharePoint strategies to leveraging Viva Connections, attendees will walk away with actionable insights to transform their Intranet projects.

We hope to have registration for Intranet Insights 2024 open really soon, so leave a comment if you'd like me to give you a nudge.

The Power of Microsoft 365 in Event Management

On the tech front, Jon Manderville's recent work on reviving our “Event Manager” using Microsoft 365 solutions exemplifies how leveraging the right tools can streamline complex processes. This tool, crucial for managing speaker submissions and session uploads for our GlobalCon conferences, underscores the utility and versatility of Microsoft 365 in real-world applications.

How does it work in a nutshell?

  1. We use Microsoft Forms for Speaker Submissions.
  2. The Submissions get put into SharePoint with Power Automate
  3. An Approve / Disapprove button then fires another autiomation which emails the submitter and creates a new folder for speaker resources to be uploaded to.
  4. (It does a lot more, but hopefully gives you an insight)

Video Editing with Descript: A Before and After

Lastly, I want to touch on a personal project of mine – editing a video tutorial on creating an LMS with WordPress and Microsoft Teams. Using Descript, I've been able to transform audio from a less-than-ideal recording setup into studio-quality sound.

This is the audio from the macbook microphone. Listen here.

Now this is the video with Studio sound ON. Listen here.

I am sure you will agree, the comparison is stark, and it speaks volumes about the power of the where tools are today. For content creators, this is a reminder that quality can be achieved with innovation, not just high-end equipment.

Anecdote of the Day: The 5-Second Rule

On a personal note, I’ve been trying to incorporate more exercise into my routine, specifically getting back onto Zwift. It’s not been easy, especially with morning commitments like walking Hugo, my mom’s golden retriever. Here’s where the 5-second rule comes into play. This rule, the brainchild of motivation speaker Mel Robbins, suggests that if you don’t act on an impulse within five seconds, your brain will kill the idea. Every morning, as I debate between hitting the bike or postponing it, this rule pushes me to just do it. It’s a powerful tool for overcoming hesitation, not just in fitness but in any aspect of life or business.

Wrapping Up

Today’s insights are just the tip of the iceberg. Whether it’s optimizing your website for better conversion, leveraging AI for development, refining your sales strategy, or embracing tools like Descript for content creation, there’s always room for growth and improvement. Stay tuned for more updates, and if you’re as excited about the SharePoint Intranet program and Intranet Insights 2024 as we are, keep an eye out for more details coming your way.

Remember, at Collab365 Academy, we’re not just about teaching; we’re about sharing the journey. Whether you’re looking to upskill in Microsoft 365 or navigate the complexities of running a business, we’re here with you every step of the way.

To your success, Mark Jones

P.S. For more insights, tips, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the world of Microsoft 365 and entrepreneurship, don't forget to check out Collab365 Academy. Together, let’s make learning an adventure.

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