Every Events Team needs a “Helen”

By Mark Jones

January 4, 2020

Here’s … Helen (see piccy), my Collab365 partner in crime and amazing wife …

Helen is my rock. She not only puts up with me at home but, is also the bedrock of the Collab365 Summits Team.

She’s the one that puts in the “hard yards” behind the scenes to make our online, Microsoft events … amazing.

I actually just wrote a list of everything she does …

🎤 Onboards and looks after our wonderful Speakers

🎾 Helps the attendees (I am sure many of you have enjoyed having email “ping pong” with her), 

📔 Produces (and writes some of) the EBook write-ups from the Summits.

🔍 Sense checks oodles of content needed for a Collab365 Summit. (I bet there’s a mistake or two in this because she hasn’t read it. We call her “Eagle eye” because she has such a special power for spotting a spulling mistake 🙂

🚑 Jumps in and saves my butt whenever I need it, which is pretty often.

(Reading that, I think I might need to get her some help soon!)

Anyway, she’s been really busy again and is now in full swing preparing for our first Summit of 2020.

We’ve decided to change it up a bit for 2020.

As before, our online Summits are still going to be focused around Microsoft, but this time …

🎖 The summits are going to be bigger and better!

We’re now planning to do one 5-day, virtual summit EVERY QUARTER. 📆

What’s the theory behind the plan? 

We decided we need to increase the tempo (and length), to keep up with Microsoft’s monthly release cadence.

After all, we are now in a time where we can’t “just” learn a product (like SharePoint on-premises) once every 4 years. 

In today’s world, we’re now seeing a crazy amount of (awesome) features released across the entire Office 365 family, every month. Microsoft is on fire!

When you think just how many Office 365 services there are today, we’re being totally bombarded. 

You may be lucky enough to be known as the “Power Apps expert” or the “Teams Guru” in your current place of work, but, to keep the old C.V lookinghot, we need to be multi-disciplined across a set of services and more importantly, up to date.

It’s time to find a collaborative, fun and easy way to learn together and keep ahead.

GlobalCon1 is our Quarter 1 Summit and it’s going to take place on March 2-6, 2020.

We’re planning a huge “brain-dumping” Summit across all of these:

🔥 Microsoft Teams

🔥 Project Cortex

🔥 Microsoft 365 Governance

🔥 OneNote

🔥 OneDrive

🔥 SharePoint

🔥 Power Apps

🔥 Power Automate

If you want to absorb serious skills from both the community and Microsoft speakers…

…Grab your pass!

It’s currently, free. 👇

>> I want to attend, let me in already!

BTW, the event is FREE to attend as it plays out, but we do offer an awesome upgrade (which allows it to be free). In this case, “Free” doesn’t mean “missable”. I think we could easily charge 99$ for it.

In fact, I wrote about why we “do” and “don’t” charge here:

>> Here’s why it’s (almost) impossible to run a free community event in 2020.

Can’t wait to see you there and let’s learn together in 2020!

Mark Jones

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