Tips and Tricks that I've picked up from running a community, freelance site and software business!

At Collaboris, I've spent 12 years as both a Microsoft developer and digital marketer. This has enabled me to gain a diverse and unique set of skills that I plan to share in this site. It's also worth saying that the opinions and viewpoints are all mine and do not represent Collaboris. Grab and coffee and start reading :)


Thinking of becoming a Microsoft Freelancer?

I help to run Collab365 MicroJobs which is a freelancer marketplace dedicated to people with Microsoft skills. On this site I will be sharing tips and tricks to help you become effective as a Freelancer.

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Run your company with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the hottest collaboration tool to come out of Microsoft in recent years. Think of it as a giant group chat application with many more features thrown in. We use it at Collaboris daily so I will share some of what I learn along the way.

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Here's a list of all my articles so far. Feel free to dip and see if anything takes your fancy! I'd appreciate a share if you find something useful!